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Garrun Assist App

The Garrun Group has launched a mobile application for iPhone users and other iOS and Android Devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is a "Broker"?
A A Broker is an independent professional, who will work on your behalf to obtain an insurance policy that best suits your need.
Q I don't understand my policy! Can my broker explain it to me in the terms that I can understand?
A Yes! We have knowledgeable, licensed and friendly Brokers that would be more than happy to help you.
Q What is a "Peril"?
A A cause of loss or damage. e.g. fire, theft, flood or hail.
Q What is a "SASRIA" Cover?
A Compulsory political riot and strike insurance.
Q What is a "NO CLAIMS BONUS"?
A A discount in premium based on the number of claim free years.
Q Why is a valuation important?
A Simply put, valuations are important as firstly they confirm the value of the items in question and more importantly, at the time of a loss, they confirm ownership.
Q What is an "Excess"?
A This is a payable portion of any claim you make, or the amount you agree to pay (per claim) towards the cost of your insured loss.
Q Why is an excess payable?
A To avoid the processing of small or minor claims where the administrative costs are the same as when processing larger claims.
Q How do I calculate the correct value of my building/s?
A Use the formula of square meters x current building costs.
When you calculate the replacement value of the building/s you must include architects fees, local authority license fees and all other incidental costs involved in the replacement of the building, thus advisable to add about 15% to the calculated cost.
Q I am a Tenant. Why do I need insurance?
A As a tenant you still need insurance coverage for your contents (e.g. clothing, dishes, furniture etc.) as well as for liability exposure.
Q Who pays what in an accident?


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